10 Best Registered Agents in Alabama

Updated: October 18, 2023

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In the state of Alabama, a registered agent is required and must be appointed at the time that a business or limited liability corporation (LLC) is formed and registered with the Secretary of State. While it can be tempting to save money by acting as your registered agent, there are a plethora of benefits to hiring one instead. Here are the best registered agent services in Alabama!

N.W. Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is the best overall due to its numerous pros and a minimal number of cons. Perfect for all sorts of registered agent work.


ZenBusiness is perfect for startups & small businesses because it comes with compliance alerts, personalized support, and many more useful features.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority provides highly efficient registered agent services while being very affordable for all sorts of businesses and entrepreneurs.


LegalZoom is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to do all of their legal correspondence themselves with certain helpful features.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance is the best registered agent in Alabama for monitoring compliance. All documents are processed the same day; perfect if you're in a rush.

The right registered agent service in Alabama will alleviate some of the stresses of running a business. For example, they will aid in maintaining the privacy of the company, ensuring that the company remains compliant, and eliminating the risk of missing important legal correspondence due to being out of the office. 

The wrong registered agent service in Alabama; however, can spell disaster for a company. It can put the business owner and their employees’ data at risk, may result in lawsuits due to non-compliance, and can affect the overall success of the business.

To avoid this and ensure a positive experience, we have conducted tedious and diligent research to identify the best registered agent services in Alabama. From Google and Yelp reviews to Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints and everything in between, we have done all of the hard work so you don’t have to. 

Discover our top picks for registered agent services in the state of Alabama.

What is the Best Registered Agent Service in Alabama?

1. Northwest Registered Agent

Best Overall Registered Agent in Alabama ($125/year)

Northwest Registered Agent is a well-respected national agency that has more than two decades of experience in the field. Although they are headquartered in the state of Washington, many entrepreneurs and business owners in the state of Alabama report excellent experiences when using the agency’s registered agent services. 

This is largely because of the user-friendly platform that enables business owners to receive digital scans of their business correspondences the same day that they are received by Northwest Registered Agent. They also receive instant notifications regarding correspondence so that business owners can stay informed of everything that is happening within their business in a fast and simple manner. 

In addition to these benefits, entrepreneurs or business owners who opt to use Northwest Registered Agent in Alabama receive access to the company’s business experts. These individuals are experienced and well-versed in the world of business and are happy to guide clients through email or over the phone as needed. While the company’s main focus lies on providing registered agent services, they also offer additional add-on services like phone services, credit card consultations, EIN services, operating agreements and annual report compliance services. 


  • User-friendly platform
  • Same-day mail scanning and instant notifications
  • Mail-forwarding service for regular business mail
  • Business experts provide support via email or phone
  • Strong focus on privacy and minimizing data exposure of clients
  • Affordable service with the option to add additional services as needed
  • Superior customer support


  • Additional services incur additional fees and can become pricey.
  • Not the cheapest provider available, but they do have a competitive price


Registered Agent Service ($125/year): In the state of Alabama, business owners can expect to pay $125/year for the registered agent services provided by Northwest Registered Agent. This price includes receiving legal correspondence, providing local daily scans of mail, mail forwarding, access to business guides, and online tools like annual report compliance instructions for 1 to 4 states. Those who are in search of additional services can add them individually for varying costs.

2. ZenBusiness

Best Registered Agent in Alabama for Startups and Small Businesses ($49/year)

ZenBusiness is a large organization that was founded in 2015. Today, it services more than 300,0000 customers and boasts some impressive reviews on a number of platforms. The LLC service provides a diverse range of services to clients, including assistance with forming an LLC in all 50 states. ZenBusiness thrives on feedback from customers and providing exceptional customer service. Because of this, they offer a worry-free compliance feature with all of the packages that they offer. 

Additional services provided by ZenBusiness include name availability search, phone and email support, access to documents online, free accounting consultations, a virtual business guide, Google Ad credits, and the option to choose between standard or expedited filing speeds. 


  • Provides services in all 50 states
  • Dashboard allows notices to be stored safely
  • Excellent customer service available by phone or online chat feature
  • Access to helpful business resources 
  • Well-known and respected business in the industry
  • Google Ad credits and other bonuses
  • Option for standard or expedited filing speeds
  • Worry-free compliance guarantee


  • Registered agent services are only available to LLCs 
  • Registered agent services are not bundled in with other services and must be purchased separately 
  • No local offices


Registered Agent Service ($49/year): ZenBusiness is an affordable solution for those who need a registered agent service in Alabama with prices that start at $49/year. Unfortunately, these services are only available to businesses registered as LLCs and they cannot be bundled together with additional services provided by ZenBusiness, which may make the service less cost-effective than it initially appears. 

3. Inc Authority

Best Registered Agent in Alabama for Affordability (Free)

Although Inc Authority remains a small business, they have been providing business services to their loyal customers since 1989. The company primarily specializes in LLC formation and registration, with registered agent services as an added bonus. While the registered agent services provided are bare bones, they are offered to clients for free. Likewise, clients have access to free business registration and 24-hour order processing. 

For those who are in need of services not included in the free subscription plan, additional premium services are available. Some of the services offered by Inc Authority in Alabama include digital storage and delivery of documents, business credit and funding analysis and business name checks. 


  • High level of customer satisfaction based on reviews
  • 30+ years of experience in the industry
  • Free registered agent services (state filing fee costs excluded)
  • Free business registration
  • Access to free customer service 7 days a week


  • Basic online platform
  • Specializes in business registration and formation rather than registered agent services
  • Premium bundles that include registered agent services can be expensive 
  • No local offices
  • Pricing for premium service subscriptions are not transparent
  • Free services do not include personalized business advice or guidance


Registered Agent Service (Free): Inc Authority offers free registered agent services in Alabama to LLCs or corporations that form their business using their service. Those who are in need of additional services, such as expedited filing, annual reporting notifications, personalized business advice or custom state filed articles, will need to upgrade to a premium service. Premium service prices are not transparent on the Inc Authority website; however, they will vary based on the specific services added by a company. 

4. LegalZoom

Best Registered Agent for DIY Entrepreneurs ($299/year)

LegalZoom is a trusted resource for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals across the country. When providing registered agent services in Alabama, clients report that they appreciate the wide range of trusted legal services that are offered by LegalZoom. Some of the top features mentioned in reviews include helpful alerts when correspondences are received, reminders of tax and annual reporting requirements and free credit monitoring. 

LegalZoom also offers unlimited cloud storage and one million dollars of identity theft protection to everyone with a registered agent service subscription.


  • Chat support
  • Business document storage
  • Tracking important deadlines
  • Renewing licenses
  • Compliance alerts


  • Can be expensive for some startups
  • Relatively weak free features


The registered agent service provided by LegalZoom includes acceptance of business correspondence, along with reminders of tax and annual reporting requirements for $299/year. Although the service is more costly than others, the annual fee includes the cost of Alabama state filing fees.

5. Harbor Compliance

Best Registered Agent in Alabama for Compliance Monitoring ($99/year)

Harbor Compliance was founded in 2012 with their main office being located in the state of Pennsylvania. Despite this, the company provides assistance to those in need of LLC or corporation formation services in all 50 states. 

Some of the services that they offer include federal tax ID registration, operating agreement templates, filing Articles of Organization and name availability checks. These services can be provided in addition to registered agent services, or registered agent services can be purchased separately depending on each businesses needs. 

The biggest benefit of choosing Harbor Compliance as a registered agent is its ability to provide a business address immediately upon signing up. This is helpful in Alabama where a registered agent and business address are necessary as part of the LLC or corporation formation process. 


  • Documents are processed the same day
  • Personalized customer service
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Immediate business address information
  • Multiple business services offered
  • Offers numerous compliance and reporting notifications


  • Reviews mention the website and platform are difficult to navigate
  • Full service package is more expensive than comparable services


Registered Agent Service ($99/year): Clients who opt to use Harbor Compliance for their registered agent in Alabama can choose from two different packages. The main package is known as a formation package and includes all of the services needed to form an LLC or corporation, including registered agent services. This costs $399/year; however, those who are in need of registered agent services only can purchase these services for a fraction of the cost at $99/year. 

6. Rocket Lawyer

Best Registered Agent in Alabama for Legal Advice and Services ($149/year)

Rocket Lawyer was formed in 2008 and has gone on to serve more than 20 million clients. These clients report high levels of satisfaction and it shows through the numerous positive reviews across a multitude of online review platforms. 

As a trusted name in the industry, Rocket Lawyer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of their service subscriptions. This means that if you aren’t fully satisfied with their registered agent services in Alabama, you are entitled to your money back. 

Despite this, it isn’t likely that customers will be left unsatisfied with a wide range of services available for businesses of all sizes. From legal advice and filing to everything in between, Rocket Lawyer likely offers a service to fulfill your needs. Along with a user-friendly platform, using Rocket Lawyer as a registered agent ensures that your data remains secure and confidential.

7. Incfile

Best Registered Agent in Alabama for Full LLC Formation Services ($119/year)

Incfile is a large business that provides registered agents and other services to nearly one million customers. They first opened their doors in 2004 and have quickly become a leading registered agent service in the state of Alabama and across the country. They provide support to business owners in all 50 states and offer valuable resources on LLC formation and other business matters through their resource center. Although the registered agent service covers everything that a business needs, Incfile is best for those who are also looking for an LLC formation service.

Because of all of the helpful information provided by Incfile, this is also a good option for those who are new to registered service agents or LLC formation as a whole. Likewise, the customer service team is phenomenal and aims to resolve any problems or thoroughly answer any questions that business owners may have throughout the process. 


  • Services all 50 states which offers convenience to businesses with multiple locations
  • Helpful resource center
  • Full LLC formations service is available
  • Superior customer service
  • Bilingual customer support


  • Lack of 24/7 support


Registered Agent Service ($119/year): Customers who form their LLC through Incfile receive one year of free registered agent services. All other customers can expect to pay $119/year for Incfile’s basic agent services, which include automatic forwarding of all business mail, access to customer support, e-mail notifications and a quick turnaround of all correspondence to ensure compliance. Adding in additional services, like accounting services or trademarking, will increase this price. 

8. Alabama Registered Agent

Best Registered Agent in Alabama for Those Who Prefer Local Businesses ($49/year)

Alabama Registered Agent is a mid-sized, local business that specializes in Alabama business filings. They are highly regarded in the area and unlike large nationwide companies that operate in all 50 states, they have specialized, in depth knowledge of Alabama filings and business laws. 

They have high levels of customer satisfaction and customers report phenomenal customer service experiences when needed. For a mere $49 per year, companies can receive a business address to finalize their LLC or corporation formation and gain access to their business correspondence quickly through a secure, online platform. 

Additional services provided include annual report reminders, and immediate access to Alabama state filing forms. Although the cost is significantly less than others, the services are reliable and the platform is user-friendly. The biggest downside is that the company does not offer some of the same premium services as other companies that provide registered agent services in Alabama.

9. CSC Global

Best Registered Agent in Alabama for High-Level Application and Data Security ($235/year)

CSC Global has been in business for more than 100 years and aims to help businesses reduce their risk levels and adhere to deadlines to ensure that they remain compliant with state and local laws. They provide Alabama registered agent services, along with annual reports, corporate filing services, business license services and UCC search and filing services. 

When it comes to registered agent services in Alabama, the company is best known for its high level of application and data security. Additionally, they provide a fast turn around with same-day scanning and delivery of correspondence through the secure portal. CSC Global customers are able to customize their chosen services which ultimately creates a variety of price points. For basic registered agent services; however, companies can expect a base price of $235 per year. 

10. Universal Registered Agents

Best Registered Agent in Alabama for User-Friendly Interface ($129/year)

Universal Registered Agents is a mid-sized business headquartered in Kansas that serves clients in all 50 states, along with the District of Columbia. The company was established in 2013 and aims to provide exceptional customer service and cutting-edge technology to businesses in need of registered agent services. 

When examining reviews of the business, clients relish the secure, user-friendly online portal and Universal Registered Agents superior customer service which is available 7 days of the week via phone or online chat. 

Universal Registered Agents provides basic registered agent services with the use of an efficient online portal to provide notifications of tax due dates, service of process and report notifications for $129/year. Additional services offered will increase the price if companies opt to include them, such as incorporation or annual reporting services. 

What is an Alabama Registered Agent?

An Alabama registered agent is a person or business that acts as the official recipient of all legal correspondence on behalf of a business. They are responsible for matters like receiving and addressing correspondence regarding business compliance matters, tax notifications, and service of process. This can be the business owner, an employee, or a separate agent that is hired by the corporation for this purpose. 

How Can an Alabama Registered Agent Help Your Business?

While some opt to become their own registered agent or commission an employee to take on the role, there are immense benefits to hiring an Alabama registered agent or entity with experience in the field. Some of the most notable ways that registered agents can help, include:

  • Increased Privacy: When an Alabama registered agent acts on behalf of a corporation or LLC,  it prevents the business owner’s address from being made public. Additionally, if the business is sued, the agent will be served with the legal paperwork instead of the owner. This prevents uncomfortable situations and allows these legal matters to remain private.
  • Business Expertise: Hired registered agents in Alabama are often professionals who specialize in providing these services. This means that they will act on behalf of a company professionally, by keeping business matters confidential and addressing them in a timely manner. 
  • Freedom and Flexibility: Business owners have a lot on their plates when it comes to overseeing the day-to-day operations of a budding corporation. In turn, they may be required to travel frequently from state to state and are likely inundated with mail, e-mails, and offers. It can be difficult to know if important mail has been missed while out of the office or if the mail that they received is essential or junk mail. An Alabama registered agent is available to accept the correspondence when it arrives and they can decipher advertisements from critical notifications quickly. 

Is a Registered Agent Legally Required in Alabama? 

Alabama business law mandates that all corporations and limited liability corporations (LLCs) that were formed and/or operate within the state must have a designated registered agent. Business owners must provide this information to the Secretary of State at the time that their LLC or corporation is formed; however, they are able to make changes to the registered agent information on file at a later date.

Alabama Registered Agent Q&A

How Much Does an Alabama Registered Agent Cost?

As is the case with most services, there is a wide range when it comes to the cost of an Alabama registered agent. On average, business owners can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $300 per year. 

The cost will likely be determined by the specific services that the company provides. Those that offer standard registered agent services will fall towards the lower end of the spectrum while those who bundle in annual report filing, legal consultation, or other incorporation filing solutions will warrant a higher cost. 

Can I Be My Registered Agent In Alabama?

The State of Alabama does allow business owners to act as their registered agents. To do so, however, the individual must meet the requirements set forth by state law per Act 2009-513, p. 967

These include being over the age of 18, having an address in the state of Alabama, and having the company list the potential agent’s legal name on the business formation or change of agent documents. It is important to note that P.O. boxes are not permitted and a registered agent must provide a valid street address with proof of residency. 

While this may sound like a simple, money-saving solution, it is a big responsibility. Registered agents should be experienced in handling time-sensitive legal correspondence and filing reports with the Secretary of State as required. Acting as your registered agent is often overwhelming when paired with all of the other responsibilities of running a business and can cause serious problems for your business. 

Can a Company in Alabama Change Its Registered Agent? 

Companies in Alabama can change their appointed registered agents at any time. This is crucial as a registered agent may be relocating or no longer employed by the company they receive correspondence for. To make the change, a company should begin by contacting the Alabama Secretary of State. 

At this point, they will be provided with a Change of Registered Agent or Registered Office by Entity Form along with any other necessary paperwork needed to complete the process. Fees are also assessed and can be paid to the Alabama Secretary of State by money order, check, or credit card. 

How Long Does it Take to Get an Alabama Registered Agent? 

Obtaining an active Alabama registered agent sounds like a time-consuming process, but in most cases, it can be achieved quickly. After the paperwork is filed with the Secretary of State, business owners can expect processing to take anywhere from 7 days to 4 weeks.
The actual amount of time that it takes for the paperwork to be finalized will depend on a variety of factors, including the method of payment used to pay filing fees and how quickly the office can process the paperwork after it has been received.

N.W. Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is the best overall due to its numerous pros and a minimal number of cons. Perfect for all sorts of registered agent work.


ZenBusiness is perfect for startups & small businesses because it comes with compliance alerts, personalized support, and many more useful features.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority provides highly efficient registered agent services while being very affordable for all sorts of businesses and entrepreneurs.


LegalZoom is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to do all of their legal correspondence themselves with certain helpful features.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance is the best registered agent in Alabama for monitoring compliance. All documents are processed the same day; perfect if you're in a rush.

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