What Is A PEO & How Can It Help Your Business?

Businesses need to have a competitive edge to survive and prosper. Naturally, most business owners focus on customer service and product innovation to get this edge. However, these aren’t the only areas that can be looked as, as you can improve and sharpen your company in almost any area.

Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good

Perfect is the enemy of good—a loose translation of Voltaire’s original Italian proverb. It can arguably be considered as the first time that society explored the idea of perfection. But what does being “perfect” really mean, and how do we define it? By the end of this guide, you’ll have these answers and more.

How Does Birth Order Impact Career Success?

Have you ever been stereotyped based on your birth order? Perceived birth order traits can affect and impact our psychology, IQ, and personality characteristics. It’s been said that firstborns are most likely to be the focus of the family and that later-born kids (like the middle-born children or second-born children) are often neglected by parents.… Continue reading How Does Birth Order Impact Career Success?

Client Vs Customer: What’s The Difference?

Many people might believe that a customer is simply the same as a client. However, that’s not the case. While everyone who spends money with your company is essential, some are much more loyal and vital to your company’s success. That can be an essential dichotomy to remember when running a firm.