Ron Stefanski - CEO and Founder

Ron is a serial entrepreneur and college professor influenced heavily by his father's relentless pursuit of his own businesses success. At the bold age of 18, he acquired his first business franchise and realized he didn't have the skills to succeed. Determined, he immersed himself in academia and the corporate arena to hone his skillset. Armed with an MBA, and fueled by undying passion, he re-emerged into the entrepreneurial scene at 30, masterminding a digital media company that swiftly scaled to a seven-figure profit. His reputation as a trusted figure in the entrepreneurial community speaks to his expertise, making him a go-to authority for those looking to bring their business dreams to life.

Amanda Anthony - Lead Writer/Managerial Editor

Amanda developed an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. Starting her career as a freelance content writer in 2008, Amanda quickly developed the skills and industry knowledge needed to work with business clients across North America and Europe.  An education in English and Journalism Studies provides the tools and insights necessary to capture client voices across a wide range of industries.  She's worked closely with leaders in the entrepreneurial community across numerous startups and SMB's looking for quality content to further educate and enlighten readers.