Grant vs Loan – What’s the Difference?

If you look at the definition of a grant and a loan, you will see similar meanings.  So what’s the difference between a grant and a loan? An interesting thing you might have noticed is that these words rarely appear by themselves. They always have a descriptive word before them, for instance, a “research grant”… Continue reading Grant vs Loan – What’s the Difference?

CEO vs. President – Is There A Difference?

When you think of a company CEO vs president, what comes to mind? (Let me guess.) You’re probably thinking hierarchy. Or you might be thinking there’s no difference at all.  Either way, we’ll dissect both titles to discover what’s the difference between the two.  We’ll take a look at their roles and duties and let… Continue reading CEO vs. President – Is There A Difference?

Statement of Stockholders Equity

The statement of stockholders equity is a pivotal part of a company’s balance sheet. It’s a financial document that showcases the changes in shareholders’ ownership in the company over a particular accounting period.  In this article, we elaborate on the importance of the statement of stockholders equity, its components, and how easy it is to… Continue reading Statement of Stockholders Equity